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I am Emmanuelle, Foundress of Vibrant Womb and Womb Wellness Advocate. I am a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner, AromaTouch Practitioner and DoTERRA Wellness Advocate.

I teach women how  to take charge of their own health through a mind - body- spirit approach. The combination of my certified education and personal experience allows me to provide holistic care to my clients on all levels.

After falling in love with the tremendous benefits of vaginal steaming and researching about this ancient practice, I wanted to be part of a community of practitioners committed to reviving this healing modality. I received my training and certification from Thema Azize Serwa with the Womb Sauna in 2016 and gained the knowledge and tools to heal my own womb and transform my life.
I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner Level I and II and received my training and attunement from Master Reiki Katt Lowe in 2014. My Reiki training lead to a passion for QiGong, the Chakras & Meridians system, along with a training in Acupressure.
I am a Licensed Esthetician and worked with women in the beauty industry in France for 5 years. Previously to that experience, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in Aix en Provence and it has been a long journey from Freud to the Feminine...
I am an Aromatherapy passionate and received my education and training from Nelly Grosjean in Graveson, France, in 1997. Ever since, Essential Oils have been a precious ally in my wellness journey and I recently became a Certified AromaTouch Practitioner as well as a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate.
To end, I am an humble Herbalist at heart, having learned at first about herbs from my mother, who always used common Mediterranean herbs in her cooking and as medicine, along with herbal infusions, poultices, other apothecary and natural remedies. I was born and raised in Provence (South of France), country of lavender fields and cicadas, before moving to CA in 2001. 3 times Mother, I am currently a DONA birth doula trainee.

About Vibrant Womb

Vibrant Womb addresses the need for womb healing, stress reduction, relaxation and pain management. Through tools that resonate with and respect our feminine nature, the purpose of Vibrant Womb is to inspire and impact women willing to take charge of their own health and help them achieve optimum womb vitality, as this is the main indicator of our overall energy. Vibrant Womb offers gentle and non invasive modalities that provide balance and harmonize the Mind/Body/Spirit connection as our womb, heart and mind are intimately connected.

"The Womb is the gateaway of all human life. When the Womb is honored and respected, She becomes a channel of power, creativity and beauty - and joy reigns on Earth."

"We need wombs that don't hurt, or bleed, or drop, or scream. We need powerful, tumor free, energized, painfree, cleansed and spiritually charged wombs."
Queen Afua


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