"The womb is the gateway of all human life. When the womb is honored and respected, it becomes a channel of power, creativity, and beauty—and joy reigns on earth."  Queen Afua

Deep within us, in a place of darkness and silence, sits our womb: portal of creation and transformation. Keeper of emotions and memories, it is a place of power and intuition, incarnating the essence of our feminine energy. What we see from the womb is what goes out: fluids, blood and babies... Often silenced, assaulted or neglected, its voice gets louder when we keep in it toxic energy, events or habits. 

Vibrant Womb offers private and personalized womb wellness sessions designed to take a moment to pause, reflect, cleanse and revitalize you on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Because the womb is the life force of a woman, it is important to hear its voice and the story it tells. Deficiencies and imbalances (menstrual cramps, heavy periods, fibroids, cysts, yeast infections, infertility, trauma etc..) require gentle and non invasive healing modalities in affinity with women's body and psyche. 

Vaginal Steaming clears menstrual and reproductive irregularities while bringing profound relief, release, emotional shift and vitality. It also supports and celebrates the important transitions in a woman's life like menarche, marriage, childbirth and menopause.



The use of herbs and water for health and healing is as old as humanity. This connection between women and plants continues today. Vaginal Steaming is an old international practice that uses steam and medicinal herbs to support the complete and long term healing of most gynecological and reproductive dis-eases: abnormal growth (fibroids, cysts, endometriosis), infertility, hormonal and menstrual imbalances (PMS, cramps, menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities, heavy periods etc..) and maintain optimum vital energy (fertility, creativity, flow and warmth) 

Vibrant Womb offers personalized wellness sessions centered around the practice of vaginal steaming. Other tools like aromatherapy, essential oil therapy and reflexology support and enhance the benefits of the herbal steam bath therapy.

Mind - Body - Spirit: our unique way of vaginal steaming is designed to welcome and support you on all levels while you pause, release and fill up.. 

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Benefits of vaginal steaming

A Vaginal Steaming Session provides numerous benefits that can be felt immediately after the session, as well as emotional and spiritual healing support.

Vaginal Steam Bath detoxifies the body, alleviates pelvic and abdominal pressure, relieves menstrual irregularities, regenerates damages tissues, improves vaginal tightness, helps with childbirth recovery, eases menopausal symptoms etc... 

Reconnection to your vital energy

A Vaginal Steam Bath makes wonder on a woman's body and spirit while eliminating toxins and regulating womb imbalances. Our womb is all about creative energy. Release, let go and fill up with your intention about what you want to manifest.

Experience rest and rejuvenation

You will sleep better and have higher energy after your session.

Who is it for?

Vaginal Steaming are for women in good health who want to maintain their vitality, young girls entering puberty, women who have womb irregularities, women willing to get prepared for pregnancy, women recovering from childbirth, women entering menopause, women who had an hysterectomy, women who want to clear past trauma and toxic relationships.

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Private 1 on 1 Sessions

Receive your treatment in the privacy of your home or at our location.

No group steaming so we can work privately on your physical womb and womb energy for optimum result. A wellness protocol follows your appointment. 

Customized Herbal and Essential Oils Blends

Each session starts with a review of your intake form and all herbal blends prepared for your vaginal steam bath is customized according to your womb story.  


Vibrant Womb only uses herbs and essential oils that are free from pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers known to be harmful to womb health. Our Herbs are Certified Organic and never over harvested, our Essential Oils are Certified Agriculture Biologique (AB), Ecocert, 100% Organic Biologique, USDA Organic and Cruelty free.


Essential Oils Benefits

Essential Oils are the most concentrated form of botanical medicine. Produced by plants for their own purposes, they are precious and profound health allies. They can be used in diffusion or topically, and each one has a specific frequency that will resonate with our own life force energy (Qi) and balance our bio-rythm. They can be used to:

* Boost energy levels

* Uplift mood

* Reduce anxiety and depression 

* Bring grounding

* Improve immune system

* Promote relaxation

* Help with stress management 

* Reduce pain and inflammation

* Support the body ability to go back to a state of harmonization etc...

Aromatherapy Massages and Education

Booking available for:

- Essential Oils massage:30 or 60 min session

- Aromatherapy Consultations

- Aromatherapy Classes

Sacred Postpartum Visit

Traditional Postpartum Services

Celebrating , honoring and supporting the new mother with warming and nourishing traditional services and practices.

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Doula Services

Birth and Postpartum Support

Education - Preparation - Support

Vibrant Womb offers doula support with an emphasis on holistic and natural practices and mindset. 


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 Feel free to contact Emmanuelle with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment. 

Available for booking for private 1 on 1 sessions at your home, work place or wellness event. 


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