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Deep within us, in a place of darkness and silence, sits our womb: portal of creation and transformation. Keeper of emotions and memories, it is a place of power and intuition, incarnating the essence of our feminine energy.What we see from the womb is mainly what goes out: blood and other fluids and babies. Sometimes in pain, neglected or even assaulted, its voice gets louder when we keep in it toxic energy, events or habits. Because the womb is the Life force of a woman, it is important to hear its voice and the story it tells. 

Deficiencies, Disconnection from (our) Nature and Imbalances impact the state of the womb and bring in irregularities (menstrual cramps, heavy periods, fibroids, cysts, infections, infertility, trauma, endometriosis etc...) In order to transform its energy and create healing, women have to reconnect to their spiritual and earthy Nature and reclaim their hidden powers.

Balance - Harmonize - Purify. Modern women have disconnected from their womb and from the Earth, and the time to reclaim the hidden parts of their Feminine Nature is Now...

The use of water, botanical medicine, energy and rituals for health and healing are as old as humanity. This connection between modern women and Nature continues today and is more necessary than ever as there is a direct correlation between the state of our wombs and harmony in the World. As the Earth is getting more polluted, so are our wombs.

Vibrant Womb Sessions and Consultations are designed to impact a woman's body and psyche and bring Transformation and Healing through a Reconnection to our Wombs, our Nature and our Communities. 

About Emmanuelle


Meet Emmanuelle Coco, Founder of Vibrant Womb, Holistic Womb Health Facilitator, Natural Lifestyle Advocate and your Vaginal Steaming Practitioner.   

Emmanuelle was born in a little town next to Marseille in Provence - South of France. Her love for natural health was initiated by her mother, who was always using herbs and spices in cooking and for medicinal purposes. She has been dedicated to Natural Living Lifestyle and Holistic Health for more than 25 years, with a personal experience in Aromatherapy and Herbalism, and a passion for Nature, the human body, essential oils therapy, holistic practices, wellness, harmony, personal development, and tasty and nutritious foods. After moving to California and becoming a mother, she trained in some Energy Healing Therapies and gained new passions like childbirth and womb health. Her own health issues and healing became an opportunity for transformation and led her in the direction of holistic women wellness.  


Her mission is to guide women back to womb wisdom with the understanding that our internal organ is not only a powerful reservoir of life force energy but also a portal of intuition, creativity, pleasure, and manifestation. 600,000 women undergo hysterectomy every year in the US alone, this number is alarming and fuels her passion for womb health. She works with proactive women willing to heal and transform their lives by reconnecting to their sacred woman's energy and powers.

Her sessions impact and enliven the body, mind and spirit, and bring transformation and elevation. She uses the power of plants, oils, water, warmth, movement, energy therapy as a way to support, nourish and harmonize the body systems and the energy centers. She offers consultations and programs designed to detoxify from modern lifestyle and get back to a more organic approach to health and healing.

Educational Background: License in Psychology: Social Psychology and Child Development (France), Licensed Esthetician (France), Certified Womb Sauna Vaginal Steaming Practitioner {CWSP}, Certified Reiki Practitioner, trained in Acupressure, Reflexology and Energy Healing Therapies and Energy Medicine. Holistic Doula and Postpartum Mother Warming.



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