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make postpartum care a priority again

Not long ago, women used to birth at home in a familiar environment, surrounded by family, friends and midwives. When births were moved to hospitals and modernization became the way, the traditional postnatal model of 40 days recovery was severely impacted as well. Nowadays a new mother rarely has "the village" to help and celebrate her after birth and will probably experience postpartum depression at some point due to a lack of direct support and knowledge about the importance of appropriate food, support and care.

Cultures all around the world still practice traditional postpartum care as some they recognize the crucial importance of supporting a new mother during a time where she is considered to be "in-between two worlds" energetically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also understand the benefits that postnatal care has on the dynamic of the family and community and act upon it.. 

Getting rest, warmth, nourishing food and treats, emotional support, pampering and help around the house is essential to the new mother as she has been raw open during birth and now has to provide for her newborn. This 40 days window is the opportunity for mothers to be gently brought back to themselves and regain their vital energy. This period is also said to impact the next 40 years of a life of a woman.

Vibrant Womb offers the following to honor and celebrate new mothers:

* Traditional Postpartum Care 180 min Visit: herbal bath - womb steaming - herbal tea or golden milk - warm and nourishing soup - womb care - belly wrapping, help with baby, light cleaning and organizing.

* Womb Steaming for Postpartum Recovery: 6 sessions bundle package with Postpartum herbal blend - herbal tea - belly wrapping

* Postpartum Wellness Planning Private Consultations: to help you plan and cover this crucial time. 3 hours consultation with recipes list plan, tools and resources.  

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